In search of a DAWG-gone good mascot


Jaime Yaukey is Big Spring’s outgoing and crazy, bulldog mascot. “When I was in 7th grade, I thought it looked neat to be the mascot. Since I was in middle school I never got the chance. It was like you could be a different person and nobody would know who you were,” said Yaukey. When 9th grade rolled around, Lisa Black asked if anyone wanted to be the mascot for an important basketball game. “I got very excited and immediately volunteered. It was just as fun as I thought it would be,” said Yaukey. “I love seeing kids get excited to meet me because they don’t really know what a mascot is. They think it’s a big fluffy dog, like a real dog. All the hugs and smiles are adorable. I love seeing the impact I’ve had on little kids,” said Yaukey. 

Colin Boyd, a good friend of Jaime’s, said, “She always participated with the themes of the student sections. From wearing Hawaiian apparel to taking part in the blackout…She did it all! She helped to suggest cheers and always brought energy and excitement to every game.”

Now the BIG question is, since Jaime has been a remarkable mascot and is a senior this year, who will be the mascot next year? According to Yaukey, “I’m not really sure who the bulldog will be next year. I’ve had some people say they want to do it but nobody’s really followed through or taken action. It’s open to anyone who wants to get rid of some energy and dance around and isn’t afraid to be crazy.”

The hunt is on for a new bulldog! Black said, “We are planning on doing auditions. A bulldog mascot needs creativity for sure.” She is looking for someone with a lot of school spirit and some dance or cheer background. It is an opportunity to meet a lot of college mascots and attend mascot camps. After seeing what Yaukey is all about, the next mascot is going to have big “paws” to fill!