Drunk driving simulator


A group of students who are watching the simulation.

The Pennsylvania DUI Association and State Farm brought their DUI simulator to the high school on March 25th. The simulator was parked out in front of the school, and a student could either drive or they could watch the simulation. Each student who drove went through a unique situation in driving, be it they were driving in the city or on the highway. Each driver had to deal with an impaired driving condition as you would if you would be drunk driving. Everything from braking to turning was incredibly slow and went to show just how dangerous driving under the influence can be. All students who drove the stimulation crashed the vehicle within five minutes of trying to drive it, and many students watching were terrified of how that could happen in real life. It was a splash of cold reality on many students, some of whom could not even drive yet. This is an interesting way for the school to hit home the dangers of drunk driving and is something no student should miss.