Bienvenidos, Senora Smith


Cassie Epstein, Reporter

Big Spring High School welcomes Senora Smith, who is a long-term sub in the Spanish classroom and is filling in for Senora LaRose who is on maternity leave. “I am very excited to be at Big Spring to cover for Senora LaRose. I’ve heard great things about our students and faculty, and it’s fun to get to experience a new district,” said Smith. As a highschooler, she decided to become a teacher. “I have always loved kids, and I also enjoy instructing and leading, so teaching was a natural fit for me,” said Smith. She loves to teach Spanish, and most of her experience has been working with middle school students. However, she particularly loves working with high school students. “They are generally very cooperative, driven, mature, and fun. I really enjoy getting to know them and also learning about their plans for the future,” said Smith.

All teachers have different teaching styles, but the students in her Spanish classes are quickly adjusting to Senora Smith. Senior, Hannah Alajlouni said, “Senora Smith has ways that are different from what I am used to with Senora LaRose, but it is nice to have a different perspective in class. Overall, she is doing really well working with our class, and I really enjoy having her.” According to freshman, Molly Gutshall, “At this point in the school year, Senora Smith has done a good job adapting to a difficult position. She has taken over Spanish club, advisement, and flex times and seems to have gotten into the swing of things rather quickly. She has been helpful to me and is a great teacher.” Freshman, Erin Miller, thinks Senora Smith is nice and is a great teacher. “She tries to get to know everyone a little bit even though she has so many new names to learn.”

In addition to being a well-liked teacher, Smith has an interesting personal life. She lives in Shippensburg with her husband, Jared. They have 4 children; Jaxon(12), Ava (10), Tenley(8), and Adley(6). Her family loves to travel, and they dream of converting a school bus into a “Schooley” one day. Smith loves to do crafts and is very creative. She especially enjoys making t-shirts, cakes, crafting home decor, and refinishing furniture. Senora Smith is a very talented, adventurous, and creative person, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome her into our Bulldog family!