Student Council celebrates spring with community members


Cantabile sings for the seniors as they finish their desert with some beautiful music.

This April, senior citizens from the Cumberland County area came in droves to the high school commons, all ready for a great lunch with bright and happy Student Council members. Every year Student Council hosts a luncheon for local seniors where they provide food and entertainment for the retired generation. One of Student Council’s main principles is service to others, so they take every opportunity to show their gratitude to others and this is just one of the events where they do so.

While the Senior Citizens were there, they were served by Student Council members a lunch of chicken and green beans with a side of potatoes. The students serve to show their respect for the elders, and after everyone is served they will sit with the seniors and eat with them. This is a great way for the Council members to get to know people from within their community and learn about life in a perspective they wouldn’t have considered before. Hannah Hess, a senior in high school said, “It was great getting to have conversations with the senior citizens. I learned so much about them and they enjoyed learning about us. It was nice making them feel even more welcomed in the Big Spring Community.” Regan Donato is the vice president of Student Council, and she said, “I appreciate the opportunity to be able to give back to the community by sitting down and having a conversation with the senior citizens.”

After eating dinner, the seniors were served desert while the Cantabile sang. Every year without fail all the seniors are greatly impressed with the student voices. One senior said, “They have such lovely voices. I loved hearing them sing today!” Many were also very impressed with the many students who are a part of Student Council and their wonderful work ethic. Another senior said, “It’s just great that you put this on for us. It truly is amazing all the work you guys do.” Student Council is proud to put together this luncheon every year and many students and seniors cannot wait until the next luncheon.