Big Spring High School has “got your back” with new club

Hailey Fosburg, Reporter

After a series of sad events took place within the Big Spring School District this past school year, students and staff alike decided to take action and create a welcoming a club called “Aevidum” so that no student has to feel alone.

The club is named after the Latin term, Aevidum, which means “I’ve got your back.” Aevidum was created in a small town in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and came about after the high school had lost a student to suicide. The idea behind the club is spreading positivity and creating a healthy community that is fueled by acceptance. The club is now a part of 150 different schools at all levels nationwide, including Big Spring itself.

The idea of bringing Aevidum to our school was thought up by sophomore Sadie Groff, and was backed by history teacher Nathaniel Gutshall, and counselors Jocelyn Kraus and Sherri Mains. The group is mostly student run at the moment, with the help of staff, and they will fully take flight next school year. They want to spread the message of “I’ve got your back,” which can be seen by the mural currently hanging in the school commons.

Gutshall was able to explain the meaning and message behind the club. He said that many of the students who came forth with the idea of the club were friends of both Britton Finkenbinder and JT Kuhn, and said, “We want to make sure everyone is dealing with the pressures of high school.” Gutshall also noted that the responses to the club have been positive so far, and he hopes that it keeps school positive and aware of other’s mental health.