Ever Always Strong

Hailey Fosburg- Ayers, Reporter

It can be said that it is important to connect and bond with those that you see every day, and that is something that certainly stands true for the Bulldogs. This school year has been an unforgettable one, whether in a good way or bad. New situations arose that the school had to learn to overcome together, and that they did. The year became a year of growing closer together; a year of becoming a family.

The school kicked off with football season and homecoming, where people went to have a good time with one another and bond again as a school. Sadly, tragedy struck the school halfway through October with the loss of Britton Finkenbinder. The school held hands and heavy hearts with one another, and grew stronger as a school.

After the loss of Britton, the school worked hard to make sure that its students were safe and in a place that was okay. This attitude continued throughout the year, and the school began to raise awareness for mental health. Signs were posted everywhere talking about the stigmas behind mental health and how to help, and brought in counselors and therapy dogs for those that might need them. The environment became safe and accepting for the students within.

Soon enough, Big Spring was halfway through it’s school year and plans for the biennial Mini-THON celebration were well underway. Committees were formed and ideas were flowing. Big Spring came together to raise money for children with cancer and their families, and things were getting into a groove of working together and supporting each other.

Unfortunately, another tragedy hit and there was another passing of a student, JT Kuhn. The school took another hit, as this was an unexpected loss. Yet again, the students and staff alike worked with one another to support their peers who were grieving, creating an even stronger support system. With this loss, the students came together to create a club called Aevidum, which means “I’ve got your back.” Their goal is to create a supportive group to help their peers.

Despite the passing of another student, Mini-THON came, and the school spent the night with one another, dancing and having a good time. It was a therapeutic time for those who had faced a rough year, and together the school managed to raise over $53,000, and over 40 people donated hair to children who are winning their battles against cancer.

The school continued on with being a family, and worked together more than ever to push the school forward. With this continuous forward movement, the time for prom quickly rolled around. Everyone worked together to pull off a stunning prom and create a safe environment for fellow students to party and enjoy their time with one another. Throughout the year, those who had grown close and bonded in hard times not go the chance to grow closer as a family, one that isn’t brought together by blood but rather was forged through memories.

Now the seniors are leaving and prepping for college. Freshman are celebrating their first year of high school and sophomores remain as strong as ever. The juniors prepare to finally be the ones at the top of the food chain. It was a wild ride of a year, and it was something that helped us grow. One thing that can truly be said about Big Spring is that we will remain a family, and remain close to one another. This year has proved that more than anything.