Football team starts off strong


Bulldogs prepare to run out of the tunnel for the Battle of the Springs game. This was the first ever Battle of the Springs game.

Austin Bryner, Reporter

Going into the fall season this year, it was uncertain what would be ahead for the Big Spring Varsity Football team. The last few seasons, the football team underachieved, and wasn’t really a top contender in their conference, but going into this season this drastically changed. During the offseason, the coaching staff was completely redone with the hire of the new head coach, Joseph Sinkovich and other staff positions. Sinkovich, said,”I was happy to take over the head coach position. I was excited to see what the team could do once they gained chemistry.” Over the summer, the players started to conditioning practice. Then they started lifting weights, and soon after regular practice and a week of two-a-days. 

The players continue to do these regular practices and weight lifting during the week. This practice has helped bring the team closer together and work better as a team. This was shown when the team won in week one against Biglerville 21-0. Week two the team then beat James Buchannon 33-8 taking the team record to 2-0. On Sept. 6, the team’s week three game was against arch rival Boiling Springs for the first annual Battle of the Springs trophy. It was a back and forth fight to the end of the game but they were able to pull out the win and beat Boiling Springs 21-13. 

With that win they moved to 3-0 in the standings and won the first ever “Battle of the Springs” trophy. Winning the first ever “Battle of the Springs” game was seen as a big achievement by the students and players of Big Spring and showed just how well the offense and defense had been playing. Junior defensive end, Austin Long, said, “Winning the first ever Battle of the Springs game felt awesome.” 

Many wonder what might be the reason that they started off 3-0. Senior linebacker and center, Logan Peck, said, “I believe the reason we are starting out 3-0 is because we stick together through each play, and if we make a mistake we fix it quickly then move onto the next play.” The players and coaching staff now are thinking what they feel they need to do to keep this winning streak alive and have a good rest of the season. 

Head coach Joseph Sinkovich said, “ I think that we just need to keep improving, stay healthy, step up intensity to help make fewer mistakes in the upcoming weeks.” Junior, Austin Long, also said, “I believe that if we can keep up this good work and give 100% effort we will have a great rest of season and be a playoff caliber team.”  

Their week four game against Kennard is Sept.13. This matchup will determine if this strong 3-0 start will stay intact. The rest of the season will be hard fought and it will determine if they will make it to the playoffs.