Theater program future in question


Laura Feeser

Amazing performance of Seussical ending for opening night. Even with the nerves of opening night the performance was awesome.

Abbie Brennan, Reporter

The Big Spring Theater program is undergoing multiple changes, like new staff and older staff taking over different positions. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the theater students are questioning the future of the program and how this year’s musical season will be pulled off with the staff changes. 

Adam Nobile, the high school band director here at Big Spring, has answered some questions about the future of the theater program. Nobile said that students, pit, tech, cast, anyone who is involved in the theater program this year just needs to be patient and have an open-mind about the program and the new staff and different people in different positions. Nobile said, “Nothing is set in stone yet, but Mr. Wilson and I are still involved with the program.”

Edward Wilson, the choir director, has been the voice director for the musical season, but like it was said before, nothing is set in stone. “The progression and the hard work of the musical season will continue to be the same. People just need to be open-minded about the changes in the program.” The musical is planned to be during the first week of April like usual. “(Chad) Feeser did an amazing job of running the theater program,” Nobile said. He seemed to be excited for this musical season, and just wants every student to know that, “they need to be open-minded about change.” Being open minded is the biggest thing about this season and the change along with it. 

Hannah Young, clarinetist in the pit band, said, “It is pretty sad, with Feeser leaving and all. He has such an awesome impact on everyone in the theater program, and he was fun to be around.” Feeser, the former director and English teacher, is not the only one who moved away. Young said, “It’s sad (Christina) Hagood left too, because there is no one who has run our tech crew before!” Young thinks the whole theater program will be affected, and said, “I think if we get people with the right experience and qualifications, things will definitely be different, but as long as the students are flexible and willing to learn new things, we can definitely pull it off.” Not only are the students on stage affected, but those joining in the pit band are as well. Young said, “I think we are all going to have to be more patient with the cast and crew, but I don’t think it’s going to have a negative impact at all.” Young and Nobile seem to have the same idea. Patience is very important for this upcoming season of musical. 

Brendon Morris-Dice, a cast member for the past three years and counting,  has feelings about the changes in the program. He said, “(Feeswer and Hagood both leaving) is a little sad, because they had become such important members in the program. They were the theater and tech directors. They gave a sense of place to all the theater kids, and without them the program seems a little empty.” Dice does think it will still be a great experience with new staff members. “I am excited to see what the new staff will hold. It is obviously going to be different, which is exciting. I definitely think this year will be a little choppy as everyone is getting used to things, but I believe it will still be a good season,” he said.  

Allie Schaefer has been a member of tech for her entire high school career, and said, “Obviously I’m pretty sad they’re leaving, because of the huge impact they had on the theater program, but I’m hopeful for the future of the musical.” Newer staff was another thing in question. “I think that the new staff is capable and this will be a great musical season with their guidance,” Schaefer answered. 

All in all, the main idea from all of those involved seems to be to be patient and open-minded about the way things will be handled. Communication will be key, and there will definitely be a performance this year in the spring that is sure to amaze audiences.