Homecoming lit up the week


Lexi Trimble, Reporter

This year’s homecoming week started off with a new spirit day called Groutfit, where students participated by wearing all grey outfits. The following spirit days consisted of Tuesday duo or squad day, Wednesday flannel day, Thursday mathletes v.s. athletes, and Friday maroon and gold. “I participated in every day of spirit week last week. ” said Aleya Eisenberg, the junior female homecoming representative.

Students from all grade levels participated in many homecoming festivities leading up to the big day, activities like spirit week, the pep rally, homecoming court voting, the homecoming football game, and the homecoming dance. On Friday the school day was cut a little short for the pep rally. At the pep rally, all the fall sports teams got announced and walked out for the school to see. The homecoming court also made an exciting appearance at the pep rally.

This year’s homecoming court members were as follows:  freshman: Connor Black and Faith Warner, Sophomores: Cody Jones and Emilee Sullivan, Juniors: Colton Bistline and Aleya Eisenberg, and Seniors: Olivia Weibley, David Parson, Alicia Canaday, Gavin Pritchard, Adam DeGregorio, Regan Donato, Memphis Elliot, and Sara Crouse.I believe that by being on homecoming court, it made my first homecoming 100 times better.said Faith Warner, the female freshman homecoming court representative.  

The pep rally was followed by the homecoming football game later that night. At half time Regan Donato and Gavin Pritchard were announced as the homecoming king and queen. To top the night off, the football team dominated Greencastle and ended the night with a big win.

Saturday was the big and what everyone had been waiting for. Students got ready for the dance by going to appointments, going for pictures and going out to eat. The homecoming theme lit up the night with a theme of Starry night.  “It was a great first experience of the dance that many upperclassmen has raved to me about as I grew up,” said Warner. The dance was the last of the homecoming activities and what the whole week had been centered around.