Pep rallies need revisited


Picture of the sports team balloon popping contest during the Homecoming Fall pep rally.

Austin Bryner, Reporter

When it comes to pep rallies, there are many different opinions about them, and some students in our district like the pep rallies that we have during the school year while others do not.  Although many think that the pep rallies are fun and enjoy them, others think that they are boring and dislike them. Usually in a school year there are 4-5 total pep rallies. The first pep rally that happened this year was at the end of the first week of school, which was supposed to get the students ready for the school year. The second pep rally of the year actually took place just last Friday to get the students ready for the Homecoming school dance.  A lot of students do enjoy the pep rallies due to the different events that are done throughout them. Sophomore Autumn Keck said, “I like when they do competitions, because they’re entertaining to watch.”

 Though some students like the events done during the pep rallies, others believe that sometimes we see the same activities a lot of the time during pep rallies. “I dislike them because I feel that they do the same stuff every time and gets annoying.” said junior Rogue Bitner. With some students bringing up their opinions on how the pep rallies should be done or fixed to the Dawg Pound, it will be curious to see if there will be changes to the activities that occur in the upcoming pep rallies. Some students also think that some of the people who don’t really like the pep rallies should think of them a different and more fun and entertaining way. “I feel like people should believe pep rallies are a fun way to end the school day and be excited about extra-curricular activities like sports “ said sophomore Gabriel Nader-Pedro. 

Freshman and Dawg Pound member Delaney Barrick said,  “I think we could help the freshman with the end cheer of the pep rallies.” With possibly changing the way the events are created and done in the moment, some students have given their feedback on how the Dawg Pound members could help make the events better. Nader also said, “During the pep rallies there’s not much audience events or actions; it’s mostly the teams playing the fun activities while the rest watches. I wish the audience would be able to participate more.”

Dawg Pound feels that they are doing the best that they can. Adviser, Ashley Oldham, said, “You can’t force school spirit, but we can hope they can start to have fun and laugh more. We will not make everyone happy. Because we have an in school pep rally we are doing the best we can to make it as good as possible.”