Hunting season starts up again

Logan posing with his kill. He shot a buck.

Logan posing with his kill. He shot a buck.

Chloe Wagner, Reporter

Back in October, bow hunting season started in Pennsylvania, and now this rural area is in the middle of rifle season, which started Dec 1. For many, being out in the field is different than playing maybe a video game at the local arcade. Logan Gipe, an avid hunter, and Big Spring student, said, “It’s exciting! The adrenaline rush is crazy.”

The technique of bow hunting is native to the indigenous people, and the tradition has continued here in this area for many Big Spring teachers and students.  Typically with bow hunting, the hunter has to be within 42 yards of his/her target. Rifle hunting is a more accurate way of hunting since the participant doesn’t have to get as close. Firearms also tend to wear more slowly than compound bows.

Some people are opposed to bow hunting in fear of only injuring the animal. According to the organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, “Quick kills are rare, and many animals suffer prolonged, painful deaths when hunters severely injure but fail to kill them.” Gipe says, “It’s effective if you hit them in the right spot.” Hence the reason some hunters prefer firearms as opposed to bows.

According to the PA Game Commission statewide deer archery has begun. It ends Nov 16 and starts up again on Dec 26. The PGC also states, “One antlered deer per hunting license year. One antlerless deer with each required antlerless license.” Gipe said, “Sure, rifle hunting is easier but I like a challenge.”