Homework benefits students


This is homework. Students do this everyday.

Cameron Ryan, Reporter

Many students complain about having to do homework after school, after having spent 7 hours in the classroom, however, it can have some positive effects on students in the long run. According to Brookings.edu, the average high school student gets 3.5 hours of homework per night. This homework could lead to keeping lessons fresh in students mind, giving practice to struggling students, and helping them learn how to manage time. Having homework can also encourage students to practice communication. If a student needs help on an assignment they can go to friends and family for help, as well as other students in the classroom. 

Homework keeps lessons fresh in students heads for practice and for getting good grades. It helps them practice what they are learning and it gives them a boost to the tests or grades. It’s a less pressured way for teachers to see how the process of students is working and help them if they are struggling. 

Time management is another skill homework can teach students about. Most students don’t get their work done or turn it in late. Students don’t see that homework helps us give a skill that young adults need in the future when they grow up and have a job that requires them to have work done on time. When becoming an adult, time management is important to helping improve in a  job and to turn assignments in on time.

Homework could improve relationships with parents. It’s well known that teachers give homework to show  parents what students are learning the school, since the work is different from what they learned when they were kids. It’s an opportunity to review homework and get a sense of what topics are taught.

Homework is a beneficial part of learning skills and maybe topics that are needed in adult life. It helps students learn time management, improves relationships with parents, and it keeps lessons fresh in the mind so they are not forgotten. Homework helps, even if students don’t like it; it helps them understand new things and also improves lessons for struggling students.