Exhibition night coming soon


A poster that was made by Liam Ocker hangs in the hallway. Ocker is a marketing student who is interning with Principal August.

Austin Bryner, Reporter

The students and teachers of Big Spring are holding Exhibition Night on Dec 16 at the high school to allow the community to see what the students have done through the first two marking periods of the year from some of their work being shown throughout the night. This event is held to let the students can show things that they are passionate about. Senior and Marketing intern for Principal Bill August, Liam Ocker said, “A lot of amazing things go on in Big Spring and no one really knows about it. Exhibition Night gives students a reason to make their work better so they can advertise it to the Big Spring community and be proud of what they have accomplished.” Another reason the event is held is that it lets the community and taxpayers who support the school district see what exactly is being taught and done at school. 

This year’s Exhibition Night is being held on Dec 16 from 5-7. Also at Exhibition Night there will be a chili dinner provided.

Some of the classes that can be visited on Exhibition Night include Ag/Tech Ed, Art, English, Math, Music, PE/Health, Science, Social Studies, World Language, and learning support. Some of the activities that are being shown off at Exhibition Night are a winter concert, wood shop projects, battle robots, a mass media demonstration, geometric probability games, a mock trial and even more. Anthony Casella, the robotics teacher, said,  “The main thing I want the students to take away from the battle bots is to learn the way robotics work and how to protect the insides of the robot, so that it wouldn’t be harmed.” 

As the night approaches, Principal Bill August, as well as the students and teachers, are working to prepare the night for the community. Some students throughout the school who are participating in showing things at Exhibition Night are excited to show off what they learned. Principal August said, “A lot of things have me excited. I am most excited for is the energy that will be in the building, as well as being able to let the kids shine and learn what the kids are passionate about. To have our community and staff to learn about what else is going in the building is important.” 

It is important for students to have pride in their school activities and, important as well, for their peers, family and community to see what students are doing in school,” said Casella. Furthermore, this night will give students a real life audience and application for the work they do during the school hours. “I think Exhibition Night helps students with their classes because it almost gives them an incentive.” said Ocker. This annual event brings new work to the table each year.