Students deserve mental health days


Students are studying notes while reading a book for a different class. Homework is being assigned in many different classes at the same time.)

Ava Weibley, reporter

Are you one that often feels stressed or anxious in a school day? Many schools nationwide have had dozens of cases of students having stress and/or anxiety. Schools often have kids coming home with excessive amounts of homework, tests, and overlapping projects. This causes kids having over amounts of stress and anxious feelings of having assignments done on time. It’s been proven students of all sorts should be allowed to have mental health days to help them regain energy and strength for the days carrying on in the week.

With stress and anxiety cases shooting through the charts, many people don’t look into who exactly has stress and anxiety. Ages 15 to 21 have the highest cases of stress overall. Due to this, schools like Big Spring and others nationwide should consider mental health days for all students. Only 2 states, Utah and Oregon, have legally passed a law stating, “a valid excuse can be mental or physical.” Students in these states have felt more awake and motivated. A student in Oregon had stated “dealing with anxiety throughout high school has always left me tired, exhausted up against some weeks, and the difference one day makes is honestly life-changing.” Many states should look into this opportunity. 

Suicide deaths have swept the nation with reports in this generation more than any other age. A parent of a young teen, who committed suicide, said “because she lied to get her absences excused, we didn’t get to have those mental health conversations that could have saved her life.” Many believe overwhelming amount of school work and bullying leads to stress which can cause suicidal thoughts. So, mental health days can have students feeling energized and can even save a life.

Also, schools should also address mental health more than they actually do. If schools address how it can be normal to have stress, many students would feel open and would use this mental health day system. The mental health day excuse system would be so beneficial for students. To also keep track on students using it truthfully, schools can always have a certain amount of “mental health days” like sick days for adults. This would ensure many students being truthful and can take breaks at rightful times. 

To further explain, the mental health day campaign is liked by many individuals on school boards, students, parents, and many people in the United States. Many have argued how this can’t be an effective use in schools. But, the good ratio takes over tremendously. The good benefits that this system can lead to can make school enjoyable to staff and students in schools. Students will be more positive to not only themselves, but everyone around them. This can make a school have a positive atmosphere that all staff wants in a school. 

In all, every school should require students to have mental health days. This will make school a place students can walk into with positivity and happiness. School days can be enjoyable and students will do work for teachers and no stress will be as high as before. If every state does decide to legalize this campaign, schools will have lower stress rates, suicides, and crime overall. School will be a place where students will be happy and have comfort.