School hosts dodgeball tournament for heart screening foundation


A poster hangs in the halls of the school, showing the dodgeball tournament coming up. The dodgeball tournament will take place on March 7th 11AM.

Keyan Wells, Reporter

The dodgeballs will be flying again this year at the 14th annual Club CARE charity dodgeball tournament, which will benefit the Peyton Walker Foundation this year, an organization which brings heart screenings to local school districts. Cindy Walker, Peyton Walker’s grandmother said “The goal of the Peyton Walker foundation is to prevent sudden cardiac arrest.” The Peyton Walker foundation will be at the high school a few weeks after the dodgeball tournament takes place. Walker said, “The money that is raised is used to cover up the cost of AEDs, CPR, and AED training.”

The dodgeball tournament will be held 11-3 in the school’s gymnasium. The dodgeball tournament usually has close to 20 teams, and out of these 20 teams there can only be one winner. Angela Schneider, one of the advisers of club CARE said, “The winning team will win $120.”  If a team loses once, they are not eliminated; to be out teams will have to lose a total of two times, and to keep teams organized the school will be having a winner’s bracket, and a losers bracket.

The dodgeball tournament isn’t just for the school though. Club CARE has gone out of their way to make a Facebook page for the event so people everywhere can participate, outside of the school, or in the school. Many people participating in the event don’t necessarily care about winning. Connor Black, a participant in the dodgeball tournament said, “I don’t only care about winning; I hope to have a good experience with friends mostly.”

The dodgeball tournament is also open to spectators. Schneider said,  “I don’t know the number of people who attend, but it usually fills one side of the gym bleachers.” The school will also have a concession stand at the dodgeball tournament, and will be hosting a uniform contests for the teams at the tournament.