Money raised for Paw Packs

Money raised for Paw Packs

Morris Hess, reporter

The One Stop Dog Shop is teaming up with Fancloth to provide students with new apparel and other merchandise. The fundraiser ends Saturday March 7. Cherie Powell, the adviser of the One Stop Dog Shop, said, “The entire high school staff and other schools were emailed about the fundraiser.” This should increase the amount of people knowing about the fundraiser and get people’s attention and curiosity to buy T-Shirts, Mugs, Jackets, Etc.

In the email, the whole high school and other buildings received, Powell said, “Most profit will be donated to Paw Packs.” Sharon Hoover from Paw Packs said, “Paw Packs is a non-profit organization community outreach whose mission is to provide meals to children in the Big Spring School District who otherwise might not have enough to eat on weekends and during their summer vacation.” The expectations for the fundraiser according to Hoover are “To reach as many students in the Big Spring School District that are in need of food and don’t go hungry.” 

With the involvement of the One Stop Dog Shop, Powell said, “I would like to have $1000 raised for Paw Packs. We would only have to sell 170 items for the $1000 goal.” Hoover said her goal for Paw Packs “is to have Paw Packs in every school building reaching out to as many students that need assistance with food for the weekends and the summer months.” 

Powell has her Retail Management class divided into five teams. Whatever team sells the most items by the end of the fundraiser Powell said, “I will be buying the winning team pizza or something like that for lunch.” She hopes that, “This makes all the teams competitive so there’s fun involved.” There are already a lot of purchases with the fundraiser, and the retail management teams hope to continue the flow of purchases with the fundraiser so they reach their goal.