Vocational education needs a schedule change


This is a picture of a calendar to maintain a schedule. The calendar is used to make plans and maintain an important date.

Keyan Wells

Many high school students have a hard time managing time for school work, and there are many reasons for that, but other academic activities should not be the reason.

Vo-tech is in the way of improving high school students’ grades. Vo-tech itself is a great opportunity for many students if they have the time to manage it with their real school work. It helps them for their future career, and looks very good on a college resume, but it can get in the way of crucial time that is needed to improve a school grade. 

 Many schools have flexes or breaks in the middle of the school day to do make up work, but Vo-tech takes up two of the three flexes that are very helpful for students leaving them with one flex to eat lunch. These breaks and flexes in the middle of the day are used to catch up on any missing assignments a student might have, or if a teacher needs to talk to them. Flexes were added to help improve a failing grade, but are also good for asking questions on a topic one might not understand. 

Vo-tech getting in the way of flexes can hurt many students’ grades causing them to get taken out of Vo-tech to improve their grades. Not only does this get the student taken out of Vo-tech, but it also takes away valuable time they need at Vo-tech causing the student to also get behind on Vo-tech work. Taking a student out of Vo-tech to improve their school grade is a horrible method. 

Instead, both Vo-tech and the school should make a mutual agreement to have Vo-tech half the year. This would solve the constant back and forth repetitiveness of going to Vo-tech then back to school missing flexes.This would then allow the student to have a half of a year to focus on their school academics, and half a year to focus on strictly Vo-tech. This would allow the student to have full time to catch up on any missing work they might have from school, and allow them to focus on one thing at a time instead of two things at a time.

Franklin county vo-tech takes this into consideration allowing vo-tech students to go to vo-tech half a year, and go to school the other half of the year. This allows their students to focus on one thing at a time, and gives them a larger opportunity to improve their school grade.

This is not the only way we can fix students from missing their flexes, and preventing the downfall of their grades, but we can also change the hours of vo-tech. If we change the hours of Vo-tech it would allow students to catch up on their school work without vo-tech getting in the way. The school could go about this by making vo-tech days shorter by 30 minutes allowing students to get involved in two flexes instead of one. This would allow students to have a  little extra time to improve their grade.

Vo-tech changing their hours would majorly impact the students’ grades allowing them to have extra time to keep up, and catch up on any work.