Clubs join forces for holiday spirit


Jocelyn Warner

Crocheting is not something that is usually brought up when talking about teenagers, but at Big Spring High School, there is a club just for this purpose. They will soon be working with GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) on a joint project to spread holiday cheer. Crochet club started just this year when advisor Heather Best opened her room and supplies to the students. “The club allows the students to share ideas and their creations with others,” Best said. Students have created scarves, sweaters, hats, and plush animals.

 The club decided to collaborate with GSA since the clubs share many members, making communication easier. Best said, “I think it’s great to see the makeup of the club itself, to see students on all levels. It’s a good mix of kids, and an inclusive bunch from all different classrooms.” The members of the club seem to agree. “I think it’s a great idea to combine the clubs since the two clubs share an audience.” Leo Redcay said.

Rebecca Herendeen and Jocelyn Kraus, advisors for GSA, are also excited about this event.  “We know that February is often a hard month for staff and students and decided to create an event that might bring a bit of fun in the doldrums of winter. The event will also build awareness in the building of both the GSA and the Crochet Club.” Kraus said.

The Crochet club is making hats and scarves to decorate the snowmen while GSA is hosting the event and will be providing the space and other materials. The clubs have decided the event will be held on a Tuesday during Flex in February, though the specific date is still being determined. “Keep an eye on the advisement slides to learn more details,” Kraus said.

However, both clubs have opened the doors for new members to come and participate. GSA has been meeting Tuesdays during C Flex. Crochet club has also been meeting on Tuesdays during A Flex, and is willing to teach new members.