Plainfield journey ends with current graduating class


The Class of 2023 is the last class of students who walked the halls of Plainfield Elementary, a charming, small school which opened in 1987, and only contained around 300 students and 10 staff members.  Because of its closure in 2011, graduating seniors will miss the opportunity to walk those halls during graduation festivities, and go back to where everything started in kindergarten. Although the seniors will miss walking through Plainfeild, they will remember the time they finished kindergarten while the school was about to shut down. Students were then moved to other elementary schools to continue making new memories.This senior class had to face these difficult changes, grow with their education, and will soon graduate. 


Senior Nadia Alajlouni said, “I think because it was such a small school, everybody knew everyone and it created a cute community. Talking about it with people in my classes now (who went to Plainfield) we just talk so highly of it, and there are so many things that we only knew about it.” When talking to Plainfeild students, there were many memories made that only a select few knew and enjoyed.


One memory that stuck with many was the remembrance and tribute to former principal Krista Zeigler. She was a great teacher that many loved, and unfortunately passed away in 2011 from breast cancer. To show the love and impact Zeigler made on the school, the students all collected balloons, wrote a message on them, and let them free into the sky. Jake Morgan, senior, said, “I am not really sure because I was there for like a few months, but I remember on our last day we let all of the balloons go (for the principal).”


Plainfield was so impactful on so many students and changed their lives. Events such as the field days, signing the Alma Matter in the little music room, getting hand sanitizer before the pretzel snack, coloring, and nap time were memories listed by Plainfield kindergarteners, now seniors. The events stored in the minds of the seniors were not the only thing impacting their life to this day, the long lasting friendships that are now like family are the best relationships made. Morgan said, “I remember my first day, Evan Diep was the first friend I ever made, and now he is a brother to me.” The bonds made from attending this small school are ever lasting and have grown stronger and stronger every day. 


Not only are the students left from Plainfield still attending the Big Spring School District, many teachers also continued pursuing their career in the district. After the shutdown of Plainfield, many teachers were sent to the surrounding elementary schools including Newville Elementary, Oak Flat Elementary, and Mount Rock Elementary. Many Teachers including Chelsea Piper, Leslie Locy, Michelle Black, Stacey Gibb, and Tiffany Warner are continuing the Plainfield legacy through their teaching. Former teacher Warner said, “I enjoyed the smaller or community feel and it was a great place to start as a teacher. I have a lot of fun memories from Plainfield and the people were amazing and so fun.” The small school was a great memory for both teachers and students. 


After the closing of the charming little elementary school, the building still stands. Yellow Breeches bought the building and is using the facilities for a behavioral center for children. As the senior class walks across the stage at graduation, these memories at the charming little school Plainfield will come flooding back.