Friendship found through Best Buddies


Sadaf Sharifi

Best Buddies Club

By: Sadaf Sharifi


Best Buddies is a special kind of club for finding friends and connecting students from all walks of life from across the school. This club was started by Justine Wallace, who is a graduate of Big Spring High School. She just wanted to help the other students. 

Abby Bistline and Laylah Chestnut are two students who are highly involved with this club. What motivates them is the love of working with people and communicating closely with other students. Bistline and Chestnut love this club because they love to be with the kids and others. 

They have learned to be patient with all kids, and they learned how to be helpful for people and how to make others be kind. In Best Buddies, students spend time together and  try to make the students happy. They sometimes have little parties with food and snacks. They don’t have big events, but all their activities are

just in that club with the members. They had a pizza party  just a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving.

This club meets once a week and is for everybody to join and be a member. This club is small and Bistline and Chestnut say they are hoping to have more people join. 

Adviser, Nathan Gutshall, said, “This club is all about kids. Sometimes   we go to the gym and play, or we sit and watch movies together. I liked Justine’s idea for this club, and I said let’s do it. We started the club last year and now we have good leaders who are Bistline and Chestnut. They are trying to have the club going on with more members.”