Sun “sets” at stadium


The sun sets after a Friday night football game

Kaydence Myers, Reporter

Most students know that one of the most beautiful sunsets in the state is right here at the Big Spring High School. That’s why an event will be held at the stadium on May 12 from 6-9 involving the Dawg Pound and many other clubs. Club member, Faith Warner, said, “Dawg Pound needed a fundraiser that would allow us to make some money for the school year because earlier in the year we canceled our volleyball tournament. We had to cancel because not enough teams signed up.” The club hopes to have more participation in this upcoming event. According to advisor Ashley Oldham, “the students make a lot of the decisions” for this particular event. 

Any clubs in the school can participate, and as of now there are 13 clubs including Dawg Pound that are going to be at this event. Clubs such as Mini-Thon, Art Club, Origami Club, Tempus and even the Bocce Team will have their own stations at the event. Although not all clubs are able to attend, clubs like Tempus are supplying a snow cone machine and the Art Club is doing face painting.

This event will be mostly student run, but advisors will still be there to oversee the activities. Some clubs are even giving club members service hours for helping with this event. 

Dawg Pound needed a way to bring in some money to the club while also wanting to bring the community together. According to Oldham, Dawg Pound is also responsible for “buying flowers for senior nights, buying supplies for pep rallies, and hosting the big outdoor pep rally with a bonfire,” which is why they need a fundraiser. Without raising money, some of the fun activities done in school wouldn’t be possible. Warner said some money would be used for “Decorating the student section, face paint, and paint wars” That’s why it’s so important to raise money and have fundraisers such as this event.