Speed bumps could provide safety

Andy Bumbarger and Tyler Bennett

As with any place where teenagers drive, there is a problem with speeding in our high school parking lot. The dangers that come from this speeding could be anything from damaging a car to seriously hurting another human being.  So to address this problem, I believe that speed bumps should be added to the parking lot to prevent any accidents from occurring .  This would be the most effective approach to get people to slow down.  It is obvious that our school resource officer can not  spend all of his time in the parking lot issuing tickets.  Along with that, would the average teenager rather slow down and slowly go over the speed bump or get a ticket? Students speeding through the parking lot running late to class is a hazard. Christa Daughterty, teacher, said that it is a known problem and if speed bumps are the answer then she says go for it. Jarreau Dodson, School Resource Officer, says the speed bumps are a great idea that could encourage students to slow down in the student parking lot. Dodson also said that it has been reported to him on multiple occasions how students are driving recklessly and this extra precautionary method should definitely help.  Most students we talked to said this would be a major hassle. This may be true but when asked if they would rather get hit by a car or drive over speed bumps, their opinion changed.  Along with students just speeding through the parking lot there is the whole problem of the large mass of cars trying to exit the parking lot all at the same time.  If there would be speed bumps in place, then perhaps this would deter students from piling up on each other at the end of the day.  Now that the problem is addressed, it is time to act.