Organization Helps Students Pass


Jenna Brobst, Reporter

With the end of the quarter fast approaching, some students are starting to wonder if they will pass the classes they take. For some, this is a valid worry. However, there are some things that will help students pass their classes. The main assisting tool is organization. Being organized can save time and that time can be used to study or catch up on missed or late work. Ben Franklin himself said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” When one is organized, there is more time left for other events such as Sheetz runs with friends, or Friday night football games.

High school counselor Jocelyn Kraus said that “Organization is necessary for success.” Counselor Judy Creps agreed with Kraus, saying that “Organization is needed.” Both counselors also stressed that there are different types of organization. Creps made the point that sometimes disorganization is organization. It is important to remember that different types of organization works for different people as no one person is the same. Being organized is all about finding strategies that work for you. Having different organizational strategies also means using different organizational tools. Kraus said that “there are many tools online, through Google and the Chromebooks.” In addition to the technological tools, there are still the old fashioned folders, dividers and labels to name a few.

Both Kraus and Creps agree that there is a “direct link between organization and (students) passing.” Whatever way students decide to stay organized, whether it be online or the old fashioned way, it will definitely help to raise those grades.