Robb’s passion present despite injury

Robbs passion present despite injury

The Big Spring Bulldogs have a long season ahead of them without fullback Tristan Robb, who broke his collarbone in last week’s game against Red Land. The Bulldogs record is 4-3, tied with the Shippensburg Greyhounds, who they face this week in what could be the biggest rivalry game of the season. Robb said, “Somebody has got to step up, plain and simple.” The best option right now as it stands is sophomore running back Ryan Adams moving to fullback and Triston Cooper moving to running back. Robb said,  “I’m very disappointed in not being able to play my senior LBJ. I’ve waited for this game since the beginning of time.”

This game is more than just a game. It’s a rivalry that will always continue. Robb remained positive and said, “We are winning the jug.” The mentality of this team has changed, and Corey Hoffman, coach of the Bulldogs said,  “Tristan is still with us. He still will lead this team, pick them up, rally the troops and get them this victory.”

Both teams know the importance of this game and want the bragging rights of the jug until next year’s game. If the Bulldogs win, this would significantly bump their standings, and be the first time since 2011 they had possession of the jug. As of right now the Bulldogs are ranked seventeenth, right behind sixteenth ranked Greyhounds in the Mid-Penn colonial division. Only the top sixteen team get into playoffs, meaning this game will be a key part if they want to get to playoffs.

Deep down, both teams will come focused and ready to battle to the finish in order to win the jug and gain a win.  The game kicks off at 7 PM Friday at Memorial Stadium in Shippensburg.  Students can buy their tickets today and tomorrow during lunches to avoid long lines.