Student Section Brings Tension


As the fall season comes to an end and the number of football games left grows small, many students are left to wonder if the student section is really bringing the school together to cheer on the players, or separating groups of people. Every week, players and parents can expect to see students in the stands whether the game is home or away. Many of the students at Big Spring are very dedicated to going to football games to cheer and have fun. However, even with the exciting unity of loud cheers and dancing to the beats laid by the bulldog band, there are some harsh undertones left in the student section. Particularly, the seniors are complaining that underclassmen are trying to take over the section, while the underclassmen argue that they would just like to cheer and the seniors are not leading cheers as often as they should.

The point of the student section is to cheer. With that assumption, there should be a continuation of cheers throughout the game. The seniors are angry that the underclassmen are leading because it’s their senior year. This argument, however, just leads to the ongoing problem where seniors every year will say, “It’s my senior year. It’s my student section.” It is, after all, the school’s football team and, therefore, the school’s student section; and it is not as if there are not freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on the football team.

Currently, there is one senior leader responsible for the whole student section. The problem concerning the seniors and underclassmen can be fixed by eliminating the “leader” position and by keeping good communication between the student section, band, and cheerleaders. This would provide an open environment for both under and upperclassmen to cheer loud and proud for the bulldogs without the whispered or outspoken bickering between grades. At the end of the game, the alma mater is sung. With this solution, the section could sing in validity “Stand together Big Spring High School… Ever, Always, Strong.”