Giving blood saves lives

Truman Heberlig/Andy Bumbarger, Reporter

So many people feel the influence of blood donation, like Big Spring senior, Kacey Shatzer who has received 2 blood transfusions for a condition Crohn’s disease.   Shatzer really appreciated the help and said, “I am upset that I can not give blood but I am thankful that my classmates are participating in the blood drive.”

Monday, Big Spring will participate in a blood drive which is being done in conjunction with the Central Penn Blood Bank. Instead of being held in the gym like in the past, the donations will actually take place in the bloodmobile. The bloodmobile is a bus with all the required items it needs and will give more privacy. Vo-tech also uses this organization for their blood drives, and this is only the first of 2 to be held at the high school. Ms. Daugherty, the teacher in charge of the blood drive, said,”We have a very strong relationship with Central Penn Blood Drive.”

After the blood is screened, The Central Penn Blood Bank donates blood to people in need in this area. People who may not be able to give blood are those who got a tattoo within the last twelve months, those with infectious diseases, or those with low iron levels.

Fifty three students and one teacher are participating in the blood drive. The blood drive requirements are less strict this year and the Central Penn Blood Bank requires participants to be sixteen years old or older, and weigh at least one hundred and ten pounds. Participants also have to wait 56 days until giving blood again.  Nick Boyd is giving blood this fall and said, “If you can give blood you should because you can save someone’s life.”