Growler Café off to good start


The Growler Café has been open to students and teachers for over a month now and has received many positive comments, and it has definitely helped Chartwells receive more business.  Chartwells food service employee, Joy Lentz, said “There are about 25 to 30 students that come before first period and about 40 students that come over the lunch period.”  Most students like that they can go anytime throughout the day. Freshman Brittany Mullen said, “I like that I can get coffee any time of day.”             

Many students don’t get a chance to eat breakfast in the morning so with the café, they  option to go and grab something to eat before 1st period is available.

Shippensburg Area school district is currently considering putting a café in their library as well.  The idea of the café came from when Chartwells discovered that participation in the school meal program is down overall.  Shippensburg is looking to expand meal and snack options but may just start out with serving coffee in the library so that a staff member wouldn’t be needed.  Michelle Morgan, food service director in Big Spring, said, “The Growler is getting students excited about school lunch by creating more of a cafe experience rather than a typical school lunch.”