Big Spring honors hometown heroes


Dillon Bennett and Matthew Ulsh

Randy Lehman graduated from Big Spring High School in 1970, and as a patriotic person always knew he wanted to serve his country.  On Wednesday, he was one more than 25 veterans who attended the high school’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony.  After serving 22 years in the Air Force, he has learned a lot about life.  He said, “If the young person today has no idea what they want in life, (they should) go 2 years in the military for structure and real life experiences.”

The ceremony started with the singing of the National Anthem by the Big Spring Cantabile, which was followed by the Pledge to the Flag.  Then the principal of Big Spring High School, Bill August, gave a short speech during which he introduced six hometown heroes who were given the honor of changing out the flag, one of which was a Big Spring Alumni, Trevor Herman, having graduated just a few years ago.  Herman is third generation Air Force in the same unit and he advised anyone thinking about the military to “make sure it is what you want to do because I have seen many people drop out.”  Finally to wrap the ceremony up Christine Armond, a veteran and alumni herself, gave a speech honoring the veterans of these United States.   

This display of patriotism is held every year and is greatly appreciated by many of the veterans who attend it.  One veteran said, “It was wonderful and I liked it very much.”  It took Tempus members several weeks to plan this event and Jadyn Morgan, president of the club, said,  “We invite any veteran who wants to come and certain members like to do the flag changing each year.  I thought it was planned very well and ran smoothly.”  Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th and traditionally on the 11th hour of the 11th day because that is when the Armistice of Compiègne was signed to end the hostilities of WWI.

After Big Spring’s Ceremony, Lehman was off to be the M.C. of the Newville ceremony taking place at 11 AM.  He encouraged students of Big Spring to “be smart in every move you make. Life is difficult, but keep focused.”

*Thanks to those of you who emailed in and let us know of our mistake.  Our apologies to Steve and Randy Lehman.