Palin and Trump team up


Alyssa Mancuso, Reporter

Donald Trump, a 69 year old business owner, television personality and billionaire, shocked the masses with the announcement of his Presidential Candidacy. Since then, he has made numerous statements and claims directed towards the future of this nation, resulting in the ever present buzz and controversy surrounding this year’s 2016 election. In fact, he’s even refused to participate in the recent Fox News/Google debate in Iowa due to his conflict with reporter and debate interviewer, Megyn Kelly. Recently, on Jan. 20, Sarah Palin came out to declare her support and personal endorsement for this Republican front runner at one of his rallies in Iowa. Palin, a former Presidential Candidate, published author, and reality television star took to the stage to proclaim her reasons for jumping into the primaries, provide a clearer picture of Trump’s life as an “everyday family man,” and then finished by promoting the idea of the necessity of patriotism. The aim of this endorsement was to garner extra support for Trump as the primaries round the corner, however many question were raised as to whether it truly boosted his polls or not.

Social Studies teacher, Lauren Hetrick, said, “Trump has a great business sense, however I am not necessarily convinced that he possesses the qualities of a future President. Palin’s endorsement had little to no effect on my opinion of him, as I don’t imagine it will influence many people’s votes.” Junior Evangeline Kennedy and Senior Grace Swarner disagreed, both expressing that they believed avid followers of Palin will flock to Trump in an effort to provide their unfaltering support for all of Palin’s political excursions. Kennedy said, “I think Sarah Palin’s overall aim at getting involved in this election is to try to become Trump’s Vice President.” Swarner, a recently registered voter, chimed in and said, “Although Donald Trump says what needs to be said, my overall opinion of him is that he would be a terrible leader. Palin’s endorsement of him may increase his future polling rates, however in the grand scheme of things he will certainly not become America’s next President solely because of this.”

As to whether Trump really gained votes due to partner Palin, his recent loss in the Iowa Caucus provides evidence that it did not.