New staff becomes part of Big Spring Community

Kaylee Enck, Emily Parrish, Reporter

The “New Mrs. Shuey” Takes Over!

Edward Wilson II, the fourth music teacher in his immediate family,  makes his debut at Big Spring High School as the new choral director and music teacher. That’s right folks – there’s a “new Mrs. Shuey” in town!

Wilson is one of the newest additions to the Big Spring High School staff, and he is looking forward to a great first year. As to why he wanted to become a teacher, Wilson said, “Well, I come from a teaching family, too. Mom, sisters – they’re  all teachers.  It’s kind of the family craft. I didn’t necessarily pick it… I kind of fell into it at first, and then realized I liked it.” Wilson also credits both his college choir director and his piano professor for making him think being a choir director was something worth pursuing.   Though his main goal for the time being is just to get settled into his new role, Wilson had this to say to all his new and potential future students: “I want students to realize that I want to be a part of the Big Spring Family…I’m not just in here just to be here…I really  want to be here.”  To his new choir, Wilson stated that he wants them to become a family – one that works well together and one that people can be proud of. In fact, Wilson said his “tag line” for the upcoming year is “passion, respect, and high standards.”

Wilson’s background in music is both extensive and interesting. Growing up in Boiling Springs, his home was always filled with music as both of his parents were and still are very musical. Along with his older sisters, Wilson was always involved in band, and actually started learning to play piano from his mother at the age of five. Throughout high school, he was a prominent member of his school’s marching band, jazz band, and choir. Wilson then went on to go to college at West Chester University where he worked his up through the most prestigious choirs. From there, he worked  as a K-12 music teacher in Schuylkill County.


New Nurse “Heals” Her Way Into Big Spring High School

Julie Eddy, new nurse here at Big Spring High School and traveler to such places as Peru and Guatemala, has jumped right into her first year at the Big Spring High School.

Eddy is one of several new staff members at Big Spring High School, and she is looking forward to a terrific year! Since her years in high school, Eddy has wanted to be a nurse. She “gets to take care of kids…and loves doing it.” She said the people at Big Spring High School are “friendly and helpful”, and said, “The kids, for the most part, want to be here… and that’s huge.” Though Eddy said her primary focus for this year is “to survive”, she also wants to get to know the students and teach them how to keep themselves healthier.

Growing up in Chambersburg, Eddy looked to her mother or “her rock” and God for strength in all things. As she got older, she started attending Youth Group and instantly looked up to her former  Youth Pastor. In fact, Eddy credits God, her mother, and her Youth Pastor for making her the person she is today. While involved in Youth Group, Eddy went on many Missions Trips to places in Central and South America.  Later, Eddy eventually graduated high school in Chambersburg, and went on the get her nursing degree at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania while paying for it all on her own. Now, Eddy is happy to be part of the Big Spring High School Family and is the proud mother of three children also enrolled in the Big Spring School District.

In her spare time, you can find Eddy being adventurous in the outdoors with her husband and her three aforementioned children. Their favorites activities include swimming, hiking, riding bikes, and playing in the creek. In addition, her family also heavily enjoys theme parks like Hershey Park and Disney World.

New Multimedia Specialist Becomes Part of Big Spring Community

Josh Nesmith, a man of many talents, has recently  joined the Questeq company and will become a familiar face around the Big Spring High School as the new multimedia specialist.

Nesmith is one of seven new staff members at Big Spring, and he is looking forward to an exciting year. As to why he initially wanted to become a multimedia specialist, Nesmith laughingly said, It’s something that falls within my skill set.” All through high school, Nesmith participated in many Audio-Visual things, and that’s part of the reason why he chose to work at Big Spring. “The avenue of schools is a nice set up…a lot of the other opportunities  in the industry are event-based and unstable.”  Nesmith said that this job allows him to work with some great people, and since everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing; there’s  is a nice freedom within in it.

Nesmith has a true entrepreneurial spirit, so in addition to working in the Tech Department, he does many other things, like giving music lessons and starting his own videography business, outside of the district. He thanks Big Spring for giving him a reliable, full-time job that also allows him to explore his other passions.  Nesmith said his greatest inspiration in life and professionally is his friend, Jason Klock. “He’s one of these high attitude, inspirational guys…who started his own company at 15, and now he’s madly successful at that.”

Growing up, Nesmith was involved in many  musical and AV things. Interestingly enough, he actually went to college at Bloomsburg to study music and more specifically percussion. In his spare time, he is wholeheartedly devoted to his other investments such as the aforementioned music lessons and videography business. In the years to come, he hopes to also get into piano and put out some music of his own.

New biology teacher coaches her way through Big Spring

Emily Young is the new biology teacher in room 324. She used to be a teacher at the middle school but this year Heather Magee and Young switched places, so now she is in the high school. Young went to Elizabethtown college to major in biology. She picked to pursue her career in biology because she found that she was very good at and it was a subject that she always enjoyed in school. About her first experience at Big Spring High School she said, “It’s been good. All the kids and teachers are very nice and I really like it.” In her free time she coaches basketball. She has been doing this for 2 years and she played basketball for her college and she played in high school. Basketball is something that she has enjoyed her whole life.

Short takes over job in high school office

Chrystal Short is new to the Big Spring High School office. She said, “It’s been great. I really enjoy it.” In her free time Short likes to do anything that has to do with art. Short likes to paint draw and do anything with a brush and colored pencils. While in high school, she was in band and played the flute and during marching season she carried a flag. Before Short came to Big Spring, she was a dental hygienist in Carlisle. You can find Short in the office and her desk is to the left!

New history teacher fishes his way through Big Spring 

Sean Stevenson is the new honors history teacher in room 311. Stevenson went to Messiah college and majored in history. He said, “Learning about history in college really made me fall in love with the subject and, I really like to think about how people act”. In Stevenson’s free time her makes music and fly fishes. In high school he played soccer and senior year his team won the state championship. He also played hockey in college. So far Stevenson likes it here at Big Spring. He said, “It’s not what I expected but I didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s been nice and I am getting used to blocks because I never done that before. Everyone here is great though.”


New English teacher, Kelsey Hernjak was unavailable for an interview by the time of publication. We hope to catch up with her very soon!