Students compete in Special Olympics

Students compete in Special Olympics

Big Spring High School student, Madison Smith, will be participating in this year’s Special Olympics once again. On Oct. 20 Madison Smith along with other athletes and buddies will be travelling to Dickinson College to participate in this year’s Special Olympics.

At the beginning of the day, all the athletes and buddies go onto the track and participate in their very own Olympic parade. Smith said, “It’s fun to walk around, and see people cheering for us.”

Every athlete at Special Olympics is paired with a buddy who they spend the day with. The buddies are there to cheer on the athletes, make sure they get to their events, and make sure everyone has a great day. Smith said that she enjoys having a buddy, spending the day with them, and becoming friends with them.

Pamela Kerver, High School Aide, said, “Special Olympics is a memorable day for both athletes and buddies.”

Jess Teter, a buddy at Special Olympics, said, “All the kids that participate are so nice and you just have a great time.” She said her favorite part of being a buddy is, “Seeing all the kids smiling and having a blast no matter how they do in their events.” Teter loves helping out at Special Olympics and will be a buddy again this year.

Smith has been participating in Special Olympics at Dickinson for many years. Out of the ten events including the 100 meter dash, 100 meter walk, 200 meter dash, running long jump, shot put, turbojav, 50 meter dash, 50 meter walk, wheelchair slalom, and the softball throw, Smith’s favorite events include the 100 meter dash and shot put. Last year at Special Olympics, Smith received first place in the shot put competition.

During the day, the athletes and buddies can spend time together in the Olympic Village where they have music to dance along to, lots of games, and face paintings.

Smith loves the Olympic Village and said she “can’t wait to dance around to the music.” Smith has several of her classmates and friends joining her this year.

Anna Weaver, a returning athlete, said she is “excited to be participating in Special Olympics again this year.” Last year Weaver participated in the running long jump, and said, “I love the opportunity to get to exercise.”

On the other hand, Dylan Griffie an athlete as well, isn’t as excited as Smith and Weaver are for Special Olympics and said, “I just don’t like to run.” Griffie instead opts for non running events such as the shot put and walking events.

Smith has not only participated in the Special Olympics at Dickinson College, but she has participated in two other events as well. She has been to the annual swimming Special Olympics in the winter that Big Spring hosts and the the Special Olympics held at Messiah College in April.
Smith plans on going to all three Special Olympics this year and can’t wait to have fun at all of them.

Many athletes, along with Smith enjoy Special Olympics. She is very excited to participate this year and said, “I can’t wait to spend the day with my family” who will be cheering her on the whole day.