Plans begin for next Spain trip


Janelle Bier and Hannah Hess

Teachers have already begun to plan for the Spain 2018 trip. This week long trip is  for anyone who enjoys an adventure and meets the eligibility requirements. Students will have the opportunity to travel throughout Spain, and learn many new things about the destinations.

This week long trip is offered to most world language students, and is an opportunity to explore the world. The only requirements for this trip are that students must have successfully completed Spanish II.

The cost of this trip is about $5,500, which includes everything from plane tickets, to lodging, transportation, activity fees, and most dining. The only expenses this cost does not cover is souvenirs and lunches.

On this trip students visit a variety of different places, and famous landmarks. Some of the places that have been visited in the past are Granada, Toledo, and Barcelona, and some places that the language department plans to visit on the upcoming trip include Granada and Barcelona as well as Seville, Segovia, Madrid.

Some of the activities included in this trip are Flamenco dancing class, bike tours through Barcelona, and much more.

“The thing I’m most looking forward to on the upcoming trip, and this is not even a 100% guarantee, but we are most likely going to be stopping in the land of Don Quixote, and we are going to see the windmills and it’s all part of his story so that’s something to look forward to.” said Ashley Oldham, one of the Spanish teachers at the high school.

Megan Anderson, another Spanish teacher at the high school said, “For the trip coming up, I’m excited that we’re doing the paella river boat. That is completely new for us. I absolutely love that idea, and the tile class. Those are two things that I think I’m looking forward to for first time experiences.”

Anderson and Ashley Oldham agreed that these activities are great, but overall that is not their favorite part of the trip.

Anderson said, “The most fun part is watching students experience it for the first time because we (the teachers) have been to many of these places, and most of us, multiple times. But the students have never done any of this, and so being able to sit back and watch them see it is so much fun. That’s what I love probably more than anything: the expressions on their faces and their comments because they are seeing this in a way that they couldn’t have imagined.”

“Students are able to develop their language skills on this trip as well”, Oldham said.

“It’s not just watching [the students] experience it, but it’s watching them become more comfortable socially with their language skills as they go throughout.” said Oldham. She said how students order their lunch, sodas, and even speak to the natives comfortably by the end of the trip, even if it may start off a little shaky.

Bailey Lehman, a student who has gone on this trip in the past, shared some of her experiences as well.

Lehman said, “One of my best experiences from the trip was the scavenger hunt through Madrid. We were able to interact with people in the town and use our language to try new things! There were plenty of laughs and memories I will never forget.”

Lehman encourages other students to go on this trip as well.

“To any student who is considering attending…. Do it! Being able to travel is an amazing experience that no one should miss out on. You will not regret traveling to Spain because you are able to apply what you do in class to a real life experience. Throughout the entire trip you are able to learn about the culture and history while trying new things. I would go back in a heartbeat!”

Anderson and Oldham had a few more words of advice to share with students who are considering taking part in this life-changing journey.

“It makes a life impact. Students don’t even understand when they first sign up. They think it just sounds exciting, it sounds fun, and it is, but it honestly makes an impact that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Students don’t understand that until they are on the journey.” said Anderson.

“This is your opportunity to take a very safe risk and go outside of your comfort zone and try something new and this is the opportunity to not have regret. It makes all of the hard work in class 10 to 100 times more worth it.” said Oldham.