New bathrooms flush emotions


Hailey Gilligan, Reporter

The beginning of the school year means lots of new things: new pencils, new shoes, new backpacks, and a new bathroom.

As students started the 2017-2018 school year ,they were informed about a new addition to their school. a unisex bathroom in each wing of the building. These bathrooms have always been in the building, but in the past they were just faculty bathrooms. Teachers seem to be pretty open about the idea of sharing their bathroom, but some feel that it may be used for inappropriate behaviors. Robert Hankes, a twelfth grade English teacher, said, “Big Spring Students are good about these things, and I don’t expect that we will see many problems.” The decision came over the summer to transform these bathrooms into unisex bathrooms available to the entire building. Bill August, Big Spring High School’s principal, described the decision to be “proactive.”

Teachers became aware of the change at a faculty meeting before the beginning of the school year. “It was a sudden interjection.” said Hankes. Students became aware of the new bathrooms the same way at their class meetings either on the first or second day of school.

To August this was a simple addition to fitting in with the ever changing culture. Some students think that this addition is a great idea and agree completely.  “They help students who are uncomfortable in their body feel more comfortable, and that is really important, especially in such a rural school with a lot of conservative or biased views among the students about certain groups of people.” said Tiffany Webster, a sophomore at the high school.  Some are completely against it. Lakota Fulton, sophomore said, “They are weird and a waste of money.”  While others like Dominick Kyle, sophomore, have mixed feelings. “I think that it is a good step towards inclusivity, and I am proud that Big Spring is making a path for other schools in the area to follow in. I do however think that Big Spring should focus more on its bullying issue as opposed to its infrastructure.” said Kyle.

Though many students have opinions, not many are using the bathrooms. “We have only had a few student use the bathrooms so far.” said Hankes.

“It’s just a bathroom; all we did was put a sign up” said August.