Small team takes on big stadium


Ishmael Kirkwood, Reporter

Recently, Jason Creek, coach of the Big Spring Bulldogs boys’ basketball team, decided it would be a good idea to give the players a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity by contacting the Philadelphia 76ers and asking to play a game against James Buchanan on the same floor that the pros play on, and then later on, watch a live game at the Wells Fargo Center, or 76ers arena. “I’ve been trying to get the boys this opportunity for about 6 months, closer to 7, and I’m finally glad I could get in contact with the 76ers. I think it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Creek said.

Trevor Perry, center, also has some good things to say about the trip. “It’s honestly great man. It’s an awesome opportunity for all of us to go play there!”

“Multiple emails, phone calls, and research have led to getting the boys’ team to the Wells Fargo Center.” Creek said. Only a few amount of schools in this area have been able to actually meet a professional basketball team. Normally, the boys go to see a college game. The ladies normally go to see the Terps, or the Maryland Terrapins, every year. The boys last year went to a Pennsylvania State University game.
The Lady Bulldogs will also being going along to the Wells Fargo Center with the boys.

Big Spring will take the court at 12:00 for warm-ups. Tip time is 12:30, and the 76ers tip time is 7:00.
Creek came up with the idea because Steel-High played York High at the Wells Fargo Center in a similar type of event. “That got my attention and I thought I should try and do that for my boys.”
He believes that it will be a memorable time that the boys will remember forever.

The game is scheduled against James Buchanan because Creek has a good relationship with the head coach. “I wanted him and his program to have the first opportunity to share this experience with us.”
Big Spring will have a fan/student bus. You can buy tickets that will get you into the Big Spring game and the 76ers game after. They are looking for a minimum of $6,500 in ticket sales.

If anyone is looking to buy tickets, go to this link: