Take a stop at the shop


The One Stop Dawg Shop is located right across from the Library on the third floor. You can visit it during A and C flexes.

Ishmael Kirkwood, Reporter

The One Stop Dawg Shop is a store that is available to all Big Spring students, and has sold many items to many students, but has not been having as much luck this year as previous years.

Recently, it has had a huge apparel boost on the online store thanks to an online sale. Not only apparel is being sold here though; gym bags, backpacks, and items for sports are also sold here. The items for sports may include arm sleeves, leg warmers, etc. Although, on most of the apparel, which is being sold by Big Spring, has the Big Spring logo on it. So, they don’t just sell clothes by a certain company without advertising them with their logo.

Cherie Powell, teacher of the Retail Management class, has been running the One Stop Dawg Shop for 14 years. “It’s definitely a great opportunity to have students commit and get more involved with the school.”

Over the years, the stock has increased, but the sales have decreased due to students not visiting. Many advertisements, flyers, and posters have been shown to get more students to visit the One Stop Dawg Shop. Recently, two new, big posters were ordered to be put somewhere around the school to try to increase the sales and make it a hot topic. There are also two big posters right outside the shopt itself to help it stand out.

There are a lot of items that can be bought here. Most of the clothing is made by Under Armour, so it has a smooth, dry fit. Some of the shirts are tight, or muscle shirts. They also sell pop sockets, which are a new, hot item right now. They provide school supplies, and people who are ever losing points for their gym participation grade, they also sell gym uniforms for $5 to all students.

Students can visit the One Stop Dawg Shop right across from the Library.