Popular TV network makes the naughty list


Freeforms 25 Days of Christmas causes controversy over this years schedule. The 25 Days of Christmas was created in 1996

Hailey Gilligan, Reporter

December rolls around and so does the tradition of watching Christmas movies.

Starting back in 1996, ABC Family, now known as FreeForm, began running its 25 Days of Christmas. This is when they play Christmas movies all day starting the first of December and then running all the way through Christmas day. But this year, the line up has taken a turn for the worse. Classics are being played in the wee hours of the morning and newer movies, like “Elf” and “The Santa Claus”, are being played every day in the evening.

People tune in their televisions after a hard day of work during the holiday season to relax while watching Classics like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “Jack Frost,” and “Grandma got Runover by a Reindeer.” But with the new line up viewers are unable to see these classics as easily.

Many are leaving angry comments about this year’s showings on Countdown Until Christmas, a website that contains a full schedule for this years 25 Days of Christmas. Many are posting anonymously and leaving comments likeThis is horrible, what are you repeating movies everyday???” and I usually love and can’t wait til 25 days countdown to Christmas. But this year not so much! No real classics and too many repeats!”

While there are others who are more straight forward with their disappointment: “I am so upset by this years line up. It’s the same movie every night and there are so many good ones. One of the reasons I keep cable is for the Christmas movies and this makes me want to cancel.” said Sam, a commenter on “Countdown Until Christmas.”

Not only are newer movies being played during prime time hours, non Christmas movies like “Frozen” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” are being played in that time slot as well. In years past Freeform, ABC Family, had different holiday movies for each night, never playing the same ones night after night. In the past classics and newer favorites were able to share the space with little to no controversy, but these new movies have taken over leaving no room for classics. Going back to the way things use to be set up would bring in more viewers in the years to come.