Winter dance makes comeback


Details for Winter Dance, where it is taking place, when, time, and reasoning for the dance

Alli Frick , Reporter

It has been around four years since Big Spring High school has held a winter dance, but this year that will change because Student Council is hosting a winter dance to benefit Cypress Springs High School in Texas, a school devastated by Hurricane Harvey beginning on Aug 17.

The winter dance is for Big Spring students only. The dance will take place in the high school cafeteria on February 10 from 7-9. The dance will have a different aspect from any other dances that the school hosts. Lauren Hetrick, Student Council co-adviser, has very high hopes that the idea of the winter dance will interest more students. “I hope it interests more students because it’s been a number of years since we have had a winter dance. So I believe that  this event that is more low key should be more interesting for the students. Also at Mini-THON last year a lot of students complimented the DJ so we are glad to announce that the same one from Mini-THON will be coming for this winter dance.”

Students have different perspectives about the new addition of a winter dance happening this year. Alex Kutulakis has both high and low expectations for a winter dance. “I have always thought that we should have another dance because there is such a large gap in between homecoming and prom and only one of the two dances everyone can attend. Plus every other school around us has a winter dance and or formal, and it always looks fun from pictures. It seems like more people would want to come to a winter dances because they aren’t as expensive as the other dances since it isn’t as fancy. However, the idea that it might be like kickoff is a turn off to me. I don’t really like the idea of the kickoff dance. But I like the other dances so if it is like kickoff I probably wouldn’t go.”

Student Council is expecting around two hundred fifty to three hundred students attending. They wanted to bring it back, but didn’t want to make it as extravagant as homecoming.

Throughout the beginning of the school  year they have been fundraising for Cypress Springs. So far the school has raised $2,722.17 for Cypress Springs High School.

They had a week dedicated to Cypress Springs for students and staff to bring in either school supplies and food. Also they had a “Fill the Truck” which was for anyone in the community to bring in any non perishable food items and or school supplies to fill this truck for Cypress Springs, to provide them with new things because of the devastating hurricane  that destroyed half the students homes and cancelled the from going to school from damages.