Tide Pods cause tide of poisoning


Tide Pod consumption has become a new dangerous trend around the country.

Adam McKeehan, Reporter

Over the past month, a dangerous challenge has become a trend on the internet. Tide Pods, which are small, plastic pods full of laundry detergent, are being eaten by many YouTube stars and young adults across the country. In the past, Tide Pods always posed a threat for children, who would mistake the tiny, colorful packages for candy. Following several accidental consumption incidents in the past, Tide Pods are kept in a child-proof container. However, teenagers and adults, who can open these childproof containers, are eating them despite the warnings displayed on the packaging.

This challenge originated from an internet meme, which joked about consuming Tide Pods. Now, they are actually being consumed despite the chance of poisoning and risk of death. The Tide company released a video of Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots discouraging the practice due to its dangerous effects.

Isabella Pagel, junior, sees the Tide Pod challenge as “pointless and stupid.” Dean Smith, a teacher from the English Department, calls anyone who attempts the challenge a “Doh-head.”  

Poison Control and police phone calls have since skyrocketed, reporting incidents of Tide Pod consumption. Some eating establishments across the country are concocting confections such as donuts with icing colors that share the same colors as Tide Pods, as a possible move to discourage these laundry detergent disasters.

One thing is for certain; it will forever be a mystery as to why people will put laundry detergent in their mouths simply for the sake of doing so.