Players get ready for 2019 season


Stephen Kleckner , Reporter

As the sports’ seasons progress, the football team is already back in the weight room training and getting ready for the fall, when seniors will take the field for the last time.  

To them, this season is a make or break one.  Seniors seem to have a good understanding of what they want out of their final season on the field. Darius Hinton, Big Spring’s Safety, said “The team needs to improve on communicating with one another.” Hinton believes in the game of football. “Communication between teammates plays a crucial role.”  Xavier Mason, Big Spring’s Wide receiver, said, “The team needs to improve on listening.” Mason believes that “we need to get rid of everyday distractions and just focus on learning and executing the plays.” Anthony Jeter, Big spring’s Linebacker, said,”The team needs to focus on teamwork.” Jeter said, “The team has the potential to be a winning team this year if teamwork is the main thing they focus on.”

The preseason is about getting ready for the fall, and the seniors of the 2019 class has no exceptions. Hinton, said, “I go to the off season practices as much as I can.” He said, ‘This helps me get into better shape and to keep football fresh in my mind.” Mason goes to the off season practices as well trying to eat healthy. Mason also said, “I’m making football my top priority this year because it is my last opportunity to play.” Jeter said, “I’m going to the off season practices as well as working out at home in his free time.”

Team members agreed their goal is to finish the out 8-2, with the amount of dedication that this year’s uprising senior class and the amount of time is spent in the off season to better themselves. According to Coach Hoffman, “The sky is the limit for this team.” It is time to bring the LBJ back to Newville, and this next season will be the year to do it.