Small music ensembles lack large recognition


Cantabile occasionally performs outside of school, including the State Capital.

Adam McKeehan, Reporter

Every year, the high school choir and band hold a variety of concerts, but what most people aren’t aware of is that the music department has a variety of small ensembles that perform and rehearse throughout the school year as well. The high school music department has seen a substantial increase in participants over the past few years thus fueling the growth of these extra curricular groups.

In the choir department, there exists a more exclusive group called Cantabile. Cantabile is an advanced vocal group that meets after school and during flextime throughout the week. Cantabile is most notable for occasionally performing the National Anthem at sporting events, but the group also ventures to churches, parades, and even the State Capitol. The group is lead by Edward Wilson, choir director and teacher at Big Spring.“Cantabile is an extracurricular ensemble meant to challenge those on music basics” said Wilson. “Advice I have for those considering joining is to audition first and worry about scheduling later.”

Cantabile is limited by audition and can only hold approximately twenty students each year. Auditions will be held May 15 through May 18 for next year’s group.

The Band department also has several smaller ensembles. Jazz band, marching band, and pit band are among those directed by band director and teacher, Adam Nobile. Pit band, which is the smaller orchestra that takes part in the high school musical, along with jazz band, are limited by audition as well. However, anyone can join marching band without a formal audition, even those who have never picked up an instrument before. Drum Major Jay Ni, who conducts the band on field, said “Marching band is a field show where members play music and move in formation. Marching Band is a family and an activity where you can have a ton of fun.” Skylar Diehl, Assistant Drum Major, said “It pushes us to be a better person. You learn vital skills like time management and working with other people.”

The high school marching band performs regularly at every home and away Big Spring football game and at regularly scheduled competitions on Saturdays. These smaller band groups along with Cantabile, perform a number of concerts throughout the year as well. An event calendar of performances can be found on the Big Spring High School Music Department Facebook page or on the district website along with an occasional announcement on Aspen. Questions concerning possible auditions can be directed to Edward Wilson and Adam Nobile.