Cake Decorating Club comes back more popular than ever


This design was made on Sept. 28 by the Cake Decorating Club. Judy Metcalf, the school nurse, won the raffle for this cake.

Luke Hand, Interviewer

Judith Mislitski is once again running the popular Cake Decorating Club during Mondays B and C  flex times after a year absence. “Cake Decorating Club was offered last year during Semester 1 only. My prep period was changed during Semester 2 to Period 5 which made it impossible to set up for the club over flex periods. I can only offer the club when my Prep Period the 2nd period.” said Mislitski

Anyone can join as long as they pass Drawing and Painting 1 in art class. Mislitski said, “The Cake Decorating Club teaches students the basic techniques needed to decorate a cake. Each week students learn new techniques and decorate a cake after practicing those new skills. In the end, most students will have the skills needed to actually work as a cake decorator in local stores.”

Mislitski has always had a passion for creative desserts. “ I enjoyed decorating cakes at an early age and I started a small business while in college. I found that decorating cakes is like creating any type of artwork and allowed me to escape into my artwork and find happiness in the creative process. So, I decided to share one of my passions with my students. Flex time provided the opportunity for the experience.” said Mislitski

Erica Paisley, a sophomore and one of the members in Cake Decorating Club, likes the people in the club and learning how to decorate cakes and eating them later. Paisley said, “I think the cake decorating club is fun to be in. It’s a relaxing time and you get to decorate cakes.” Her favorite design so  far is the sunflower cake created in September.

Isaiah Hyser, a senior, and also one of the members in the Cake Decorating Club, likes relaxing with his friends and learning more about cake decorating. Hyser likes that the club is taught how to use different icing tips. “Instead of just frosting cakes with a knife or spatula, I can add different textures and designs to cakes now.” Hyser said. His favorite design would be making flowers with a leaf tip. As for the job, Hyser said, “ I doubt cake decorating designs would be useful for me as a job in the future, but they’ll definitely be cool to show off to friends and family when I make a cake.”