Promposals aren’t worth the hassle

Natalie Showers, Reporter

Everyone may ask what makes promposals so special; they will most likely look back on it after high school realizing they shouldn’t have made a big fuss about it. Prom is about having a good time and hanging out with friends. Instead, promposals can be very stressful and can also cost a lot of money.

Girls in high school have big expectations when it comes to being asked to prom. The idea has been put in their heads that their boyfriends or the boy they like will come up and ask them to prom in that way that they want, but that leaves a lot of pressure for the boys to meet their expectations. It can be hard enough to find a creative way to ask the girl. But when the girls have a set idea, then it leaves even more pressure on the boy.

Money can be a very important thing as well when it comes to prom. According to USA Today’s prom across America survey, most people spend over $600 on prom each year as of 2017. Girls think they have to have the perfect dresses and they have to match their partner. So that could also add more stress to the guy if he has to spend more money on a specific color shirt or jacket, let alone also buying materials to ask the girl in the way that she wants to be asked.

Self-esteem can also play a big part in promposals. If a boy asks a girl to prom and she rejects him, that could hurt his feelings. He then may ask himself questions such as “What did I do wrong?” or ” Why won’t she go with me?” Another way they could ruin self-esteem is if a girl doesn’t get asked and then she may get upset because she doesn’t have a date. She could also ask herself “Why didn’t anyone ask me?” or “Why don’t I have a date?” You can go with friends and have fun as well.

Prom is a special night. The fancy promposals are not necessary to have a good night with friends.