Students shine in friendship


A friend group of sophomores gather to play war during their free period. Playing cards during their free period is a was for students to calm down and enjoy the simple things in life.

McKenzie Dingman, Reporter

Those few people who have been there and witnessed the personal growth are real friends. The bonds that have been built through life and continue to grow stronger with each day, those are true friends.

The few people who know everyone has their own flaws but accepts whatever ones that they find, those are real friends. The people that can start fights but quickly find a solution because they miss the others jokes, voice, personality, and friendship. The few that are missed even when only one day is missed.

Sometimes friendships happen without even a second thought. Friendships can start due to the smallest common interests. Liking the same songs, enjoying reading or even having dogs as pets can be the building blocks to an everlasting friendship between two unlikely people.

High school friendships can be the hardest to find. Through all of the drama and hate that is normally associated with high school, somehow those few people that accept each other’s real personalities are found. Those that find this bond are lucky and should cherish it while they have it.

The friends that have each others backs no matter what. Having adolescent friendships provides an opportunity to learn social and emotional skills. Learning this skills through friendships provides a boost into adulthood as these skills will be desired.

Becoming friends with new students can raise self esteem as well as confidence. New students can have difficulties adjusting to a new a school, a new home, and new life. They left behind all of their closest friends during the move and are now alone and scared in this new place in the world.

Friendships can be built between different age groups. Youth can become friends with elders whose children don’t come and visit as much anymore. Just by reaching out, the youth can add happiness to the elders’ lives.

Adolescents becoming friends with young children can change their perspectives in everyday life. The teens go from believing that everything is negative to seeing the child’s innocent point of view that everything is going to be alright.

Different friendships are created throughout life. There are the elementary school friendships when everyone was friends with everyone. Middle school cliques started to form and the friends that were a little different from the rest were left in the dust. High school came and only the closest bonds survived. Popularity was a contest where only the best survived.

Just reaching out to the new student at school can change lives. An everlasting friendship can be found when a chance is taken and proven to be an excellent and unforgettable decision.

Take time to be the sunshine in someone’s life of darkness.