Nutquacker Suite raises money for Mini-THON


Mason Peters, Reporter

The Nutquacker Suite, an event that has been held for the past several years, kicked off once again this year on Dec. 14. Participants bought ducks from Club CARE members, and  afterwards, they raced them in the Big Spring High School pool. Winners were awarded with a cash prize. The money raised from students buying ducks went to Four Diamonds. Four Diamonds is a children’s hospital that takes care of children with cancer and help to support their families financially. 

One of the winners from this year’s Nutquacker was  Adam McKeehan, a senior at Big Spring High School.  He was the third place winner. According to McKeehan, he had only bought one duck that placed. “I got third place and it was quite exciting to have learned I placed, especially since I only bought one duck.” McKeehan was not only proud about placing in the top three, but was also proud he had helped out the Four Diamonds Fund. McKeehan said that he had won, “bragging rights, five dollars, and the overall satisfaction I participated in a charitable event.”

Those participating in the event are not just doing it for the cash and bragging rights, but also to raise money for a charitable cause. “I am a senior so this was my last year, but I have participated in years past and enjoyed doing so very much. What an amazing way to raise money!” McKeehan said.