Wood Tech class makes cool products

Michael Wickard, Reporter

Billy Brimfield took the first Wood Tech Class, and he says that he enjoyed that class. He wanted to come to Wood Tech, because it was a hands-on experience and it was never boring. His favorite project was the floating shelf that had a secret compartment in it. He said that the he learned that it is important to have patience when sanding, because it will take a lot of time. He said, “I am thinking about of taking the next class”

Jordan Smith took Wood Tech class, because it was a hands-on experience and it was related to his career choice of Civil Engineering. He said that he took it in his tenth grade year. One of the things he made was a toy box with panels in the front. He says that the most important skill he learned was patience. Smith said, “I would have to use patience in order to redo the measurements.”

Joseph Barnouski has been teaching for thirteen years. He says that they have been doing this for a very long time. He said that they have made coffee tables, a flag case, pup table and chairs, a bed frame, and a floating shelf. He says that they don’t use computers. Some of the tools they would use are planers, table saws, radical arm saws, and joiners. He says that his students all seem to be enjoying the class. He said yes, the will do journal entries or a writing assignment. He said that some students do know the skills, but some students need help. He said that first Wood Tech is a semester class and second is a quarter class. He said, “It has been a great semester.”