Other countries enforce stricter testing

Hannah Aljlouni , Reporter

Each country differs in standardized testing from how long they are, what kind they are, how many are required, and the purpose of the tests.  Standardized testing is something that each country chooses whether they have it or not. Some people believe that the United States has easier standardized testing than others countries do. Purposes are different whether it be for it to decide a college or it may have social implications. The United States usually focuses on the SAT and GPA as deciding factors for college. Though there are none that decide actual life or status.

Testing scores in India have become a social symbol for children; people genuinely care about how children do on the tests rather than the questions such as “where are you going to college?” In India they take a high school completion exams and then an entrance to college exam that is separate. Both of these tests are extremely high stakes and can determine the rest of someone’s life from a few tests although they are both tests a student can take more then once. This is kind of similar to the American testing system though usually there are schools that will take low SAT scores anyways.

In China they’re well known for their standardized tests, since their testing system comes down to one test. This test lasts for 12 hours with 4 different sections. Often people start preparing extremely early for this exam. They end up with a 3 digit score that decides where they will go to college and their potential earnings for when they get out. This is so serious that they often have an ambulance on standby. In the United States people often start preparing the year of the SAT rather than when they were younger they did not worry about any sort of test in the future.

Francesco Barone a high school student in Italy said, “The testing is way different. Each university has its own separate test about their subjects and general culture you must pass to go there.” He also said, “Even normal tests for class our different we don’t have multiple choice. I often find myself struggling here while I was a straight A student in America.” Schooling systems often differ from country to country but it’s easy to see that standardized testing is a big trend. Whether the testing means a lot or if it’s becoming almost dated to go off of such as in the United States. Often schools tend to start moving away from this form of acceptance. In China it was a question that could come up at any moment what a child’s scores were while here people just want to know what college someone’s going to.