Big Spring Welcomes New Teachers


John Austin Walter , Reporter

This school year we welcomed 3 new teachers to our school, each coming  from a different background and bringing their own set of skills to help educate students. In the English department, Kelly Schenk took the place of Chad Feeser, and is in her ninth year as a teacher. She hails from Bethlehem Area District, but also taught at King’s Academy which is a private school.  Although she is coming from a middle school setting, she said, “Students (in high school) are much more mature and responsible, and the students seem to take a lot of pride in their school.” Schenk attended West Chester University, and as a Bulldog, she will be responsible for teaching OPUS, Public Speaking, and Real World Literature.  She said, “My favorite part of teaching is helping students figure the different parts of their lives.”

Carl Seils is a new addition to the science department at the high school, but was a familiar face in the middle school as a building sub until 2018.  This is officially his third year of teaching, and he comes from teaching chemistry in Frederick, Maryland. Seils said, “I love the atmosphere. Teachers are helpful and the students are quirky.”  He enjoys the sense of community he has found at Big Spring, and said, “I love to share my love of science with students.”

The math department lost Mike Berry to Mechanicsburg over the summer, but now has the pleasure of welcoming Brett Foor to their hallway.  He taught for 5 years at Southern Fulton High School, so this will be his 6th year of teaching. He has a twin brother who also is in education.  “I have taught algebra, trigonometry, and AP statistics and coached junior high baseball.” Foor said. He also said, “My favorite part of Big Spring is the laid back atmosphere, and the nice, approachable people.” He really likes forming relationships with students and enjoys that something different happens every day. 

 So far, all of the new teachers seem to be getting acclimated to the Big Spring Culture, and all seem to be enjoying their new atmosphere. Students are exited to see new faces in the school.