Food drive benefits families


Food is being gathered to go to families in need. This food has been collected from a students 1A class.

Ava Weibley , Reporter

The Big Spring High School is hosting a food drive to donate to the less fortunate people near the town of Newville. To encourage students attending Big Spring to donate, classes that donate the most receive an incentive. The food drive is a program that every 1A teacher participates in. Every day, there is a different theme of what foods can and should be donated. The 1A teacher that ends up having the most student donations gets donuts.

Heather Detwiler, one of the advisers and runners of the NHS food drive answered a few questions to educate people about the cause. Detwiler said, “ We have had the food drive for over 10 years and it has always been an NHS sponsored event.” Knowing that Big Spring has been donating food for over 10 years is something to be proud of as a Big Spring community member. Detwiler said that it gives her pride when people receive the food and show their reactions.  She said,  “The food goes to families that live in our district that have a need. We will distribute the food to these families on Dec 18.” Our community helping each other is a way to bring people closer and to show how working together and donating can help the people in need. A concern people may have on the food drive is how long will the food last? If a people receiving only benefit off the food for a month or two is there a point in even doing it? Detwiler says, “The food collected is supposed to be non-perishable, so it should last for at least a year.  It depends on the expiration date and when the person donating purchased the food.” December is a common ime of year to do a food drive because that is when food is needed the most, especially with the holidays. Less fortunate families may be unable to eat a lot if anything. A food drive is a  way to spread the word and help others from the community. 

Anna Wilson, a senior and chairperson of the NHS also helps with the food drive. Wilson said, “ As a member, this affects me because I am able to help coordinate and give back to those in my community who need the supplies and support them throughout this busy time of year. This benefits a variety of families within our district and community, many with young children as well.” Many people live their lives without realizing or acknowledging some people near them are struggling to eat and afford food so giving back by donating helps a lot. Many popular and needed items would be hygiene items, canned goods, boxed items, gravy mixes etc.

Big Spring’s food drive that occurs every year during the month of December helps community members in need. The food drive is a great way to bring awareness to issues occurring day to day. Students donating to their 1A class to receive donuts makes other people receive many food options lasting them over a year. In all, food drives are beneficial especially to school districts with people in need.