“Hats off” for students

Allison Frick, Reporter

Many students hear, “take that off please” referring to the hat that they are wearing in school, and this debatable subject might have to do with being a distraction in school or a symbol of disrespect, however many students don’t see it that way.  

Removing hats indoors used to be a gesture  everywhere symbolizing respectfulness. Said in bestlifeonline.com hats in buildings started with the medieval knights. The Institute writes that back in Medieval Europe, any knight who failed to remove his helmet or lift his visor to identify himself could face fatal consequences. Knights also had to have their helmets removed as a sign of vulnerability and trust in churches or see people of royalty. This might have made the longtime sign of respect for everyone removing hats in specific buildings. 

But things are not the same as they used to be back then. We don’t have knights anymore, but for our armed forces for instincts, their drill sergeants cover their faces with their hats so you know not to look directly at them. Knowing this hearing from family in the Army, the soldiers keep their hats on as well unless they are doing drills. schools do not really compare to this instance. 

One reason this policy might be in place might be because of disrespect, however, many students don’t see it that way. Sometimes students wear hats such as beanies to keep their heads warm, not out of disrespect. Or the small idea of having their hood up on their sweatshirt, just because they are cold and it is a part of their clothing. 

There is one day in the school year that most people just love, and of course it is hat day. Many students participate in hat day, because normally they aren’t allowed to wear them. Vo-tech students especially, when they come back from their work and or job, are used to just keeping their hat on all day while working because it’s a routine for them.  

But there are hats such as “Make America Great Again” for Trump that could cause political problems in school if worn. Because everyone has different views, but could it just be someone’s freedom of speech since it is their hat. Could teachers possibly believe that students could use hats as another way to cheat on things? Students could easily use the front brim of their hat to write stuff and just have it casually laying on their desk. Some students will think of anything for it to be easy to cheat. 

Hats are not always just a non respectable item of clothing. Wearing them into a store, you don’t get told to take them off, but since you’re in a school it is somehow different and could offend someone in the building.