Beloved teacher says goodbye


Melanie Macioce and LidiaAnn Edwards

Jill Davis, an educator for 36 years, is retiring at the end of this school year. Her vast experience enables her to be fun, while still getting the main points of her lessons across. Davis’s personality is a force to be reckoned with. Usually fun-loving, Davis will not tolerate insubordination and disrespect in her classroom, yet she has never once written up a student. A few times, she might have gotten close, but the student always backs down.

Not only does Davis influence her student in the classroom, she also influences students everywhere at Big Spring. She maintains friendships with students she sees outside of school, and that tradition won’t stop after she retires.  Davis said “I’ll see them when I shop at Saylor’s on Tuesdays when there’s 5% discount for old people!”  Over the years, Davis has gone to many school functions such as school plays, football games, and band concerts, which shows her school spirit and support.

Davis has impacted many people and her presence will be missed at the school. Sarah Ickes said, “I think it is a great loss to the school, but a great opportunity for her to do what she loves.” Noah Drobel is against Davis’ retirement, saying “I don’t think it’s allowed.” This sentiment is not just voiced by the students, but also echoed by the teachers who have come in contact with her. SaraBeth Fulton says that observing Davis during her student teaching influenced how she teaches her students. Many teachers agree that the school will not be the same without her, some citing her love for life and others, like Robert McClure II, say that Davis “has an energy level that is off the scale… she’s one of a kind.”

Davis said that she hadn’t even thought of retiring before now, because “I love what I do and I do what I love.” She also said that “Everything’s good, good, good, and if you can go out with it like that, that’s when you do it.” Davis also states that most 71 year olds that she knows are already retired and that she doesn’t want to “be a relic.”

After retiring, Davis plans on exploring the world. The first place she plans to visit is Israel. Davis has never been able to visit there before now since the group she travels with only goes in the fall. After that, Davis said that she has no plan. A possibility for her may be geriatric fitness because “harassing old people might be fun!”  

Out of everything that Davis has known and done, she said that she will miss the students and her colleagues the most. According to her, “It’s been a hoot! I have really enjoyed it.” Based on the responses received the feeling is mutual. Perhaps Dean Smith sums it up the best, “We love you, Jill.”